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NerdNite Kansai x Conserv'Session Online Event [9-27-2020]

For any of you unfamiliar with the concept, "Nerd Nite" delivers fun and informative events around the world, featuring knowledgeable and charismatic speakers waxing on an unlimited number of topics. Did I mention there is beer?

Nerd Nite Kansai is based in Kyoto and Osaka, Japan, but will be holding this particular event online and it is open to all via their YouTube Channel (or via RSVP).

This time, they've teamed up (once again) with Conserv'Session, a student-led initiative focusing on screening conservation films and generally getting the word out about conservation. Conserv'Session is the brain child of none other than Cecile Sarabian from this very lab! And it now involves numerous other organizers from Kyoto University.

At this particular event, Marie Sigaud from our lab is also sharing her thoughts on the exotic wildlife trade.

Don't miss it!

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