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Master's Student:
Magnus Monge

Professional Background

Current Research:

I am studying the ranging behaviour of different sea cow populations around the world. Dugongs in Australia and New Caledonia, West Indian Manatees in Florida, and African Manatees in Senegal. My goal is to create a comprehensive framework of the environmental needs of all Sirenian species through the Sea Cow Project.


All sea cows are classified as either endangered or vulnerable and as the only water bound mammal vegetarians, they are truly unique animals.  Understanding the behaviour and environmental needs of sea cows can inform conservation efforts around the world. Much of sea cow behaviour and life cycles are still a mystery to us and most of the research are focused on the West Indian Manatees and Dugongs. I want to shed some light on the differences and similarities between species and how we can help them.







Surveying monkies and whales on the Yakushima field course, Japan, 2023

Previous Research and Personal Interests:

I have spent the last 9 years in early childhood and primary education. This journey started in Norway before I moved to attend university in Australia. There I completed my Bachelor of Education with Distinction at Queensland University of Technology. Throughout my practice I have had a strong focus on education for sustainability and animal welfare. During my time as an educator, I engaged in professional development to gain a better understanding of what I was teaching and decided to change focus in my career to environmentalism which led me to Kyoto University. In addition to my research, I have been able to continue educating for sustainability in a volunteer capacity at local nursery schools. I have also had the absolute privilege of working with organisations which specialise in local conservation work and community outreach at local schools.

Besides my work I became a nationally ranked axe thrower by JAAT (Japan Association for Axe Throwing).

Axe throwing champion!

Grants and Scholarships:

Verftseier Christian Jensens Grant – Awarded 2019

Queensland Government Department of Education Beyond the Range Professional Experience Grant – Awarded 2019

The Chunichi-Inadomi fund for Norwegian-Japanese Cultural Exchange – Awarded 2022

Checking camera traps on Tokunoshima during conservation work for Amami Rabbits

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